Benefits for your Rotary Club

Using Club Collaborator will give your club all the necessary tools to run your club quickly and efficiently.

Club Collaborator - Screenshot from the software

Image: Screenshot from the software - Add  or review members, see meeting info, upload files for storage or manage committees

Everything you need to run your club smoothly

Our complete Rotary Club software suite offers website, membership management and a Dashboard for each member 
We can even provide you with a domain if needed. The software is very easy to use and will make a huge difference in your Club management dynamics.

- Each member gets a personal Dashboard for easy access to all relevant applications and information
- Smart and integrated management system for overview and insights
- Website with a easy-to-use website editor tool
- Domain (Optional)
- E-mail (Optional)

Simplify member management in your club

Club Collaborator will greatly simplify member management in your Rotary Club. All Clubs need a management system and Club Collaborator is an excellent choice. The software will even update roles accordingly at the beginning of each new Rotary year.    

Simplify reporting to Rotary International

Club Collaborator is 100% integrated with Rotary International and all changes you make in the software are automatically synchronized to Rotary International. This means that if you add or remove a member, change personal data or make any update, all new information is taken care of and transferred to Rotary International on a daily basis.     

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