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As a Rotary International Official Licensee, Club Collaborator is one of few vendors on the market that have direct communication with Rotary International and their digital systems. Our system is 100% integrated with Rotary International. 

Benefits of Integration with Rotary International

By using Club Collaborator, you can be 100% sure that your member directory information is synchronized directly to Rotary International on a daily basis.  Add members, assign roles etc - everything is synchronized without any other work necessary on your part.

Zones, districts or clubs can manage their organization with our easy-to-use software

All changes are automatically copied to Rotary International. If you add a new club, remove a member or only change a member's personal information - every piece of information entered or changed in your database is automatically synchronized with Rotary International. This makes the flow of information quicker and makes member management less time - consuming. 

Club Collaborator Integration

Club Collaborator International Official Licensee

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