which products are included in club collaborator software?

In order to give you a better overview and understanding of our software package, we would like to explain the basic terminology used when mentioning the components of Club Collaborator.

Our software package has three major components: A member management tool for clubs and districts, a dashboard and websites for clubs and districts. Each of these has multiple features and terminology you should be familiar with in order to use our system easily and to choose exactly what you need for your club and district.

what is mnet?

Mnet is the abbreviation used for our member management tool. It allows members to view and edit information regarding their profile, their club and district information, manage meeting attendance and statistics, run reports etc. It is the most efficient way to manage all administration related to running a successful Rotary club or district, while saving time and minimizing errors. 
The free version of Mnet is available to all clubs and districts and all information needs to be entered manually. In this case, our tool is not synchronized with the Rotary International database. The sync is available in our Basic, Premium and Enterprise package and all the information that you write in the tool are sent to RI once a day.
There is strict access control in Mnet, so all members get read and edit rights according to their role. This way all data is protected and accessed only by those who have permission.

what is appsco?

Appsco is our identity provider that helps us keep your account safe and easy to use because it provides each user with a dashboard that is a centralized point of access to all our products. Every user gets one set of personal credentials and logs into their dashboard which contains shortcuts to multiple Rotary services and Mnet, all according to their role. There is no need for multiple log ins, your dashboard will provide you access to all the services you use. Appsco makes sure that there is no password theft and gives you control over your data.
In our free version, every member will get a personal dashboard and all Rotary and non-Rotary icons need to be added manually. In our Basic, Premium and Enterprise packages, all members will get both a personal and a Club Collaborator dashboard, which will be only Rotary related, with automatically assigned icons according to role, with automatic role rotation at the start of each Rotary year.

what is mosaic?

MOSAIC is our website editor, available to all clubs and districts so they can create beautiful websites and enhance their online presence. It it is user friendly and synchronized with the member management tool, so information of choice regarding members, clubs or districts can appear on a respective website once it is entered into Mnet.

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