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Getting started

Which products are included in Club Collaborator software?
How to sign up and create a free member management instance?
How to create a free instance if you already have an account?
How to login?
Mnet navigation - main pages
How to reset your password?
Personal dashboard - basics
Personal dashboard - how to manage and share resources?
Personal dashboard - Which resource types can I add?
Personal dashboard - how to add My Rotary to the dashboard?
Personal dashboard - How can I group resources/icons in folders?
Personal dashboard - how to manage your account?


How to create a district profile?
How to manage a district profile?
How to add district roles?

How to create a club profile?
How to manage a club profile?
How to add members?
How to add club roles?
How to add meeting-free weeks?
How to log meeting attendance?


How to manage a member profile?
How to add meeting excuses?
How to move a member to another club?
How to manage membership history?
How to quit the membership?
How to change membership type?


How to create and manage committees?
How to manage fellowships?
How to manage media archive?
How to generate reports
Messaging system

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